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Various products of Engine Sensors, providing product images and basic parameters with each Engine Sensor and Engine Speed Sensor; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Engine Sensors, and look forward to your cooperation!

Engine Sensors

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    Cummins Engine Oil Pressure Sensors 3015237

    Cummins Engine Oil Pressure Sensors 3015237 Oil Pressure Sensors 3015237 is fitting on Cummins NTA855 M11 KTA19 Diesel Engines . The engine oil pressure sensor is used to measure the oil pressure of the engine. The oil pressure sensor has a variable resistance inside, one end of the output signal, and one end is connected to the iron slide arm.When the oil p...
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Engine Sensors

Engine Sensors 

Engine Sensors Including lectromagnetic,  induction hall effect type, Photoelectric effect type .

1. Engine Actuators  MODEL

Engine Oil Pressure Sensors

Engine Water Temperature Sensors

Engine Oil Temperature Sensors

Engine Camshaft Position Sensor ECU distribution camshaft position signal collected and input, so that the ECU to identify 1 check point on the compression stroke cylinder, which provides for cylinder signal (signal is sentenced to cylinder ECU control the fuel injection timing and sequence of the only basis) and sequential fuel injection control ignition moment control and domination, is also used to identify the ignition moment for the first time at the moment

Engine Crankshaft Position  SensorsIs the most important sensor computer controlled ignition system, its function is to detect signal, the check point on the engine speed signal, and the crank Angle signal. And its input computer to control cylinder ignition order to make the best ignition time command.

Cummins Engine Sensors parts number :3015237,3015238, 3034572, 3069728, 3078155, 3408624, 3865346, 3900268, 3967250, 3967251, 3967252, 4061022, 4061023, 4061391, 4061392, 4076393, 4914076, 4914101 Sensors for Chongqing Cummins NT855,M11 , KTA19,KTA50,KTA38  QST60 diesel engines

Engine Sensors

Engine Sensors Cummins Engine parts oil pressure sensor 3015237

Other Generator Parts we can provide: 
Generator parts: DSE controller, ComAp controller, Woodward controller, Cummins Speed controller, GAC Speed controller, Generator AVR, Engine Actuators, Engine Sensors, Engine Meters. 


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